Dec. 7 Media Roundup

Dec. 7 Media Roundup

It was another busy week for pharma, tech and data news. Catch up below, and stay in touch with us all week on Twitter and LinkedIn.

mHealth and Tech

  • Disease-specific apps continue to be developed. Last week, Iodine announced a new app that will help depression patients determine if a new medication is effective.
  • Coming to us from Carnegie Mellon University, a new artificial intelligence personal assistant has been developed that “whispers directions in your ear.” The idea is to create an option to YouTube for learning how to do something.
  • Scientists at the University of Manitoba have created a stretchable sensor from chewing gum. When chewed for 30 minutes, the sensor is able to pick up body motion and breathing.
  • GE Healthcare released GE Health Cloud, a product that will link medical devices across the world, process the data and store the patient records using its new Predix Cloud.
  • Hundreds of hospitals are using biometric fingerprint readers to avoid mixing up patients and reduce fraud. Would you be comfortable sharing your fingerprint?
  • Half of the cars on the road will be self-driving in the next 15 years. Check out the 10 things to know about artificial intelligence.
  • Are biometric tattoos the next big thing in wearables? There was buzz last week about Chaotic Moon’s temporary tattoo prototype – inked right on your skin – that will collect health and other biometric data from your body.


Pharma and Life Sciences

Company News

  • We were excited last week to announce a new CRO partnership with C&R Research in South Korea! Read up on all the details.
  • Infinity Pharmaceuticals has joined the list of companies using our risk-based monitoring software. The company will be using the software in a clinical trial of its treatment for non-Hodgkin lymphoma.

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