09 Feb 2016

Time for Pharma to Catch Up With the FDA

by Tim Chen

mobile connectionsNovel breakthroughs in mobile health technology like Apple’s ResearchKit app development platform present a promising new path forward for pharmaceutical sponsors seeking more efficient trials, higher patient engagement, and deeper clinical insights. However, many clinical trials sponsors still seem to have doubts about regulators and their posture towards clinical study data that doesn’t come from using decades-old methods and practices.

This perspective, combined with the industry’s sentiment that the federal government’s policies perpetually lag behind innovations pioneered by the private sector has resulted in a vicious cycle of stagnated progress – until now. (more…)

08 Feb 2016

Feb. 8 Media Roundup

by Andrea Samdahl

shutterstock_312751568Catch up on last week’s news highlights from our social media channels below.

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04 Feb 2016

Clinical Research Sites Lose Money Due to Reimbursement System Flaws

by April Mulroney

In the last video of our payments week series, Katie Mostek, director, Cardiovascular Research, MidMichigan Health, talks about how it’s becoming increasingly difficult for clinical research sites to be reimbursed for work already completed.

Check out the short video to learn more about these everyday difficulties for sites and an easy solution to the payments problem.

Be sure to also take a look at our clinical payments software that keeps clinical research sites paid on time.

03 Feb 2016

How Payments Technology Can Help Clinical Research Sites

by April Mulroney

Think we’re biased in our belief that technology will improve the payments process for sites? Jim Wetzel, senior director, business development, at the Oklahoma Heart Hospital Research Foundation talks about the financial stress of the payments process on sites and how technology can solve some of the current challenges.

Have you had first-hand problems receiving payments from sponsors? Share your experiences in our comments section below.

Learn more about clinical payments here.

02 Feb 2016

How the Payments Process Burdens Clinical Research Sites

by April Mulroney

It’s Payments Week on Geeks Talk Clinical! This week we’ll be sharing short videos that highlight the problems of the traditional payments process for clinical research sites.

Lucas Litewka, director, Clinical Trials Centre, University of the Sunshine Coast in Australia, talks about the burdens of getting reimbursed by pharma companies and why it’s easiest to work with sponsors that make the repayment process transparent.

Learn more about clinical payments here.

27 Jan 2016

Is Machine Learning the Next Big Thing in Healthcare? (Part 2)

by Syed Haider

shutterstock_276495971_webOn Tuesday, we looked at a new system developed by David Sontag at NYU which uses EHR data to faster diagnose patients. When we left off, we introduced the three major capabilities of Sontag’s system: automatically triggering clinical pathways, determining patient risk and context-specific order sets. (more…)

26 Jan 2016

Is Machine Learning the Next Big Thing in Healthcare? (Part 1)

by Syed Haider

shutterstock_196734107Did you know that Electronic Health Record (EHRs) systems are used by more than 80% of doctors? These systems contain a rich source of patient data available to innovate and improve healthcare. 

A team at New York University’s Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences developed algorithms and a system to extract EHR data to faster diagnose patients and provide a thorough understanding of the patient’s health.  (more…)

21 Jan 2016

How Tech Will Shape Pharma and Beyond

by Joe Dustin

smartwatchAs Munos discussed at the New York Academy of Sciences, pharma is due for disruption and tech seems ready to deliver it. It’s an exciting time to be working in the industry, but how will these changes impact the big picture of pharma and beyond?  If you work in clinical trials, how will it change your job?

Tech creates benefits in remote patient monitoring, and Munos stressed that it’s not just rich countries that will benefit from mHealth innovations. In fact, some poor countries are more willing to dive into health innovations because there is a greater need for healthcare and fewer regulations blocking the way. And less developed countries can often leapfrog over dated technology found in developed countries.  (more…)

19 Jan 2016

Pharma Is Long Due for a Disruption

by Joe Dustin

healthBernard Munos knows a thing or two about pharma disruption. Munos, a senior fellow at FasterCures and the founder of the InnoThink Center for Research in Biomedical Innovation, previously served as an advisor for corporate strategy at Eli Lilly & Co where he focused on disruptive innovation. He believes pharma is quickly headed to a new phase of disruption thanks to mobile biosensors.

The pharma industry “hasn’t seen disruption in the clinical research industry since World War II,” Munos said, speaking at a New York Academy of Sciences all meeting. Tech has already disrupted a number of industries such as music, books, retail, data storage, etc. It was just a matter of time before it also impacted the pharma industry.  (more…)

14 Jan 2016

How To Drive Value-Based Healthcare for Pharma, Medical and Insurance

by Joseph DeGrandis

medical developmentHealthcare in the U.S. is marching toward a value-based system, away from the fee-for-service model. Yet low cost, high quality healthcare is an ambitious goal, especially given the divergent objectives in the medical community. How will value-based healthcare be reflected in the pharma, medical and insurance industries?  (more…)

12 Jan 2016

An Easy Tool to Keep Patients Protocol-Focused

by Ross Rothmeier

Texting on smartphoneIsn’t it great when you get really good, helpful customer service?  

It is a simple formula that works in any industry: give the customer just what they need, make it easy, and develop a relationship that benefits both parties. Amazon built an industry around this concept, as has Google, Zappos, Starbucks and others. (more…)

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Novel breakthroughs in mobile healt ...

Feb. 8 Media Roundup

Catch up on last week's news highli ...

Clinical Research Sites Lose Money ...

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How Payments Technology Can Help Cl ...

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